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Hybrid wind-solar system WSS-1500

Press to enlarge  Pic.1 Energy cart of the farmer.

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  Рiс.2 Model Scheme of Wind-Solar power plant for private house:
  1 - wind generator;
  2 - solar batteries;
  3 - control unit;
  4 - accumulator;
  5 - invertor;
  6-8 - home appliances.


Hybrid wind-solar system WSS-1500 (WSS) is designed for energy supply purposes for 220 V/50 Hz load.

    The standard model consists of:

  • WSS top – generates electricity with non-stable parameters dependant on wind speed.
  • PV module (PV) – optional component generating additional power dependant on sunniness. It increases energy supply reliability and total amount of generated energy.
  • Storage battery (SB) – power storage for adjusted power generation schedules and energy consumption. It is an acid type SB with rated power 24 V (or 2 batteries 12 V each), advised capacity – 200 A•h and more.
  • UPS -1.5/3С-WG/PVM – a device for coordinating all above mentioned components, load and external grid 220 V. It charges SB from WSS, PV and external grid 220 V and transforms accumulated energy in SB into stabilized 220V/50Hz with nominal power up to 1.5 kW with sinusoidal signal. It automatically switches load onto supply from external grid 220 V or converter and reflects system parameters on a digital indicator.
  • Mast – is used for top fixing on the height 11 or 17 m, where the wind flow has not been shaded and has got sufficient speed.

    Innovation and basic advantages:

  • The frequency is stabilized due to blades rotation over own axes (WEU interval change). The blades turn over their axes with the help of stabilizer located behind the blade and ensure reliable and efficient WSS performance under 2.5 to 55 m/s wind speed range (even with blast wind). It decreases load on all system components and increases electricity generation. The wind turbine operates with less noise than the similar turbine type with stalling control system.
  • The system uses slow-speed generator with permanent magnets excitation thus multipliers and electro-magnet excitation system are not needed. Wind turbine rotates the main generator shaft directly. It significantly improves system reliability and totally eliminates multiplier noise.

    Application fields:

  • WSS can be used in remote places with no connection to power grid (tourist camps, farms, summer houses, stand alone supply complexes) as well as a reserve power source for cottages and private houses.