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Stabilizer provides:

   • the stabilization of output voltage on the level 220 + 7.5% - 10% (+5% - 7.5%) with a change in the input voltage from 130 to 270 (from 150 to 260 V) at the frequency of 50 ± 2,5 Hz;
   • work in entire range of loads from the idling to Rn.maks.;
   • protective disconnection of consumers at higher input voltages above 285 V (270) with the subsequent automatic connection of load with reduction in the input voltage of up to the working level;
   • protection from short circuit and prolonged transfer at the output;
   • regime “transit” in the emergency;
   • the protection of users from the overvoltage in the regime “the transit” in the in the voltage range 253 - 263 V;
   • the heat shield of autotransformer in the range of temperatures 75 - 98°С;
   • standardized (4,5 - 7,5 s.) turning off of users with the short-term disappearance of the power line (it excludes the damage of the pulsed sources of the nourishment of users);
   • the time of reaction to a change in the input voltage is 20 ms.

Stabilizer does not introduce distortions into the form of input voltage.

Stabilizer is established permanently on the input and is designed for continuous non-stop mode in closed heated facilities for:
   • ambient temperature from 1 to 40°С;
   • relative humidity from 40 to 80% (при 25±10°С);
   • atmospheric pressure from 630 to 800 mm Hg.

Its own consumption of electric power at idling 10-20 W.