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WINDMILL & SOLAR PANELS ABOUT YOUR HOUSE - Symbol of Your energy independence

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What you need to know when choosing the system

It is known that the wind - the unpredictable and intermittent energy source. Sun - more predictable, but also volatile: there are day and night, sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy. Wind turbine can generate electricity only when there is wind, and solar panels - when there is sunlight.

Therefore, that the consumer was provided with energy and in periods of calm and lack of sunlight, need a buffer, or in other words - energy storage. Usually used for this purpose batteries (AB).

Thus, wind generator and solar panels act as a charger for the batteries. The defining characteristic for a windmill and solar panels is their efficiency, how many kilowatt*hours of electricity they will work out for the day, month, year.

Next, you need electricity from the batteries to convert to electricity, suitable for your household appliances, ie at 220V - 50Hz. When you determine the power of the system - as a rule, do you mean the maximum power that can be incorporated into the system. It is determined by the output power inverter - 12/24/48V in a voltage converter with a battery of 220V - 50Hz.

Thus, to calculate the configuration system you need to determine what the maximum power you will include in the system, how many kilowatt*hours to get a month of sun and wind (define the desired overall performance of wind turbine and solar panels). For a more precise definition of open and fill out THE FORM >>For your data, we calculate the variations of systems that are acceptable to your needs.