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WINDMILL & SOLAR PANELS ABOUT YOUR HOUSE - Symbol of Your energy independence

UPS, inverter, battery, wind turbines (windmills), solar collectors, stabilizers

Uninterruptible Power Supply (further UPS) provides you with electricity in case of outage voltage. You are spared the discomfort, and most importantly safe from failure of the household and office appliances.

Main components of the UPS inverter are the voltage necessary automation and storage batteries. Each UPS is equipped individually, depending on the needs of the reserve. Output power is determined by the UPS output inverter, and the time of reserve - with the capacity of the unit of storage batteries and with the power loading, which you want to reserve.

Should to know that 100 ampere-hour capacity batteries give a 1 kW-hour supply of electricity. For example, if you have a 2 batteries of 200 ampere-hours, then you have a supply of 4 kW-hours of electricity. I.e. with the load 1 kW you will be with the electricity of 4 hours, respectively with the load of 500 watts - 8 hours.

You determine on the basis of these simple calculations, what UPS system for you is necessary. Important index of UPS is the form of output voltage. Much equipment requires clean sinusoid, as a rule these are refrigerators and equipment with the electric motors. We propose UPS with the the clean sinusoid.

We use in our systems the special hermetically sealed unattended storage batteries, the period of service of which of up to 10 years.

In the complete set with the windmill and the solar batteries UPS is formed the wind, solar or hybrid wind-solar system of power supply.