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«Fly-Tech» Ltd.
WINDMILL & SOLAR PANELS ABOUT YOUR HOUSE - Symbol of Your energy independence

Solar Panel 195 W for only $325!

photovoltaic modules

Windmill and solar panels - the main devices to convert wind and solar energy into electricity.

Windmill (wind generator) - the main component of the wind power plant, which provides consumers with a constant voltage 220V/50Hz.

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range of wind generators
   • wind generator in the wind-power system

Solar panels (solar photovoltaic modules) - the main component of solar electric power systems.

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   • technical description of the solar
   • solar-power systems

The joint use of a windmill and solar batteries forms hybrid wind-solar power station .

Specialists of the"Fly-Tech" Ltd. have the 10-year experience of the practical series introduction of windmills and solar batteries in the systems of autonomous and reserve power supply. More ABOUT US.

You can buy wind generator, solar panels and accessories separately, or order a fully staffed wind-power station using wind turbine and solar panels. Contact the address indicated in CONTACTS phone numbers and addresses for more information and calculation necessary for you electrical system.