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The hermetically sealed unattended Storage batteries
(technical description)

batteries, stabilizers, wind generators, solar collectors, UPS, wind pumps, solid fuel boilers

Series SP of "Sunlight" Co. (Greece) - unattended lead-acid batteries. They are made in the form monoblocks (6 volts even 12 volts) by capacity from 0,7 A•h to 200 A•h. During entire period of the service of battery there is no need for checking the level of electrolyte or adding water.

Gases completely yield to recombination (to 99%). They do not allow leakage and spattering of electrolyte. The airtight construction of battery makes it possible to exploit batteries in any position (vertical or horizontal, but not in that completely inverted). Period of the service of 10-12 years with the condition of recharging. To all batteries there is a certificate of the correspondence of the Ukraine. Guarantee to the storage batteries of 12 months from the date of sale.

Storage batteries are intended for using as the sources the direct current in the installations of the uninterrupted electric power supply of the enterprises of connection, systems of tele-communication or in the composition of another technological equipment in the objects of connection, power engineering and other branches of industry.

Storage batteries are intended for the operation in the accomodations with the natural ventilation (they do not require special suction and exhaust ventilation), including in the accomodations with the technological equipment and the service personnel, at a temperature of ambient air from -10°C to +40°C (recommended temperature of +20°C).

Storage batteries are designed for the installation on the isolated shelves or in the special battery boxes, which have exchange of air with the environment, in the vertical run of plates.

Storage batteries are delivered by manufacturing concern in the charged state, filled with electrolyte and ready to operation.

Storage batteries do not require the additional filling of the distilled water into the electrolyte and are intended for the work in the initial state for the duration of entire period of service.

Storage batteries are supplied with the safety valves, which prevent to gas permeation (air) and ensuring valving of gas during exceeding of the internal pressure of gas in the storage battery than higher permitted, which does not cause the deformation or other damages of storage battery.

Storage batteries answer the requirements of explosion- and fire safety.

The arbitrary symbol of storage batteries SUNLIGHT: SP12-100, where
   • SP - series of the storage battery;
   • 12 - the voltage of the storage battery;
   • 100 - the rated capacity of storage battery, A•h.

Transportation and storage.
   • The transportation of storage batteries is produced in the vertical position in the packing of manufacturing concern by any form of the closed transport up to any distances with any number of overloads at a temperature of ambient air from -50°C to +50°C and the upper value of relative humidity to 100% at a temperature of +25°C.
   • The completely charged storage batteries in the plant packing can be stored in the accomodations at a temperature of ambient air from +5°C to +40°C, average monthly relative humidity 80% with +25°C. Is allowed a short-term increase in the humidity to 98% at a temperature not more than +25°C without the condensation of moisture, but it is summary not more than one month in a year.
   • Storage of the originally completely charged storage batteries in the plant packing without the booster charge is allowed not more:
    6 months at a temperature to +25°С;
    3 months at a temperature more than +25°С.
   • During the storage of batteries in the heated accomodations the distance from the space heaters to the storage batteries must be not less than 1m.
   • Batteries must it is stored in the vertical position by those protected from the action of solar rays.
   • Joint storage of batteries with the alkali is not allowed.