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«Fly-Tech» Ltd.
WINDMILL & SOLAR PANELS ABOUT YOUR HOUSE - Symbol of Your energy independence

Times of very cheap and, apparently, bottomless energy sources, similar, come to an end. The Earth energy is running out, and our green and blue planet catastrophically fast becoming brownish-gray, more difficult to breathe, more natural disasters.

But not all is lost, because there are we, Open Company «Fly-Tech». Long-term experience of our experts in the field of clean energy sources - a guarantee of reliability and quality.

The «Fly-Tech» Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of energy supply systems based on renewable sources of energy:
   • a wide range of wind generators (often called wind turbines, windmills, wind farms) with a horizontal axis;
   • solar photovoltaic modules (solar panels);
   • solar collectors (solar vacuum collectors, heliosystems);
   • wind-water-raising plant (wind pump, windmill water pump or windmill pump station);
   • solid fuel boilers (pyrolysis, pellet).

We offer a full range of power supply of the house, including an electrical supply, hot water supply and heating from alternative energy sources. Autonomous lighting systems of parks and streets on solar batteries.

Proceeding from a current status of power supply of object, we propose and set voltage stabilizers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), thereby ensuring the safety of your home appliances and the equipment from voltage transients, outages.

You receive comfort, independence and confidence in tomorrow. Previously, we are ready to run energy audits, to make the analysis of energy consumption and to give the recommendation on reduce in power inputs.

It is possible to buy a wind generator separately, or to order a wind power plant or a hybrid system using a wind turbine and photovoltaic modules. At definition of a source of alternative energy for the private house it is necessary to divide energy consumers into three basic groups:
   • electric equipment (without heating systems and boilers);
   • rooms heating;
   • hot water supply.

Hundreds of systems installed worldwide by professionals of «Fly-Tech» Ltd. - is the quality of work, tested by time.

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