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Wind generator VEU-4 (4 kW)

Wind generator VEU-4 (4 kW)

In wind-power engineering it is accepted that nominal (calculated) wind speed must not more than 2 times exceed average annual. In the Ukraine average annual wind speed near 4 of m/s, therefore, nominal must be not more than 8 of m/s. With such a wind speed the installation develops the nominal power of 4 of kWt and can work from Kcf = of 0,3.

During the year wind turbine can develop:
   Qyear = 8760 х Nh х Кcf = 8760 х 4 х 0,3 = 10521 kWh.
   • Nh = 4kW, rated power;
   • Кcf - capacity factor, i.e. this is the time of the work of installation with the total power.
    Per month, correspondingly, 877 kW/h. During the day - 30 kW/h.

In the installation VEU-4 are provided two energy flows:
   - conditioned, for critical to quality customers (circulation pumps, refrigerators, lighting, etc.);
   - nonstandard, for the nourishment of resistive loads (heating water, heating).
   In this case the possibility of using any energy flow to 100% is not excluded. VEU-4 effectively maintains speed of rotation in the assigned level to wind speed into 40m/s.

Accordingly the requirement of the rules of certification GERMANISCHERLLOYD, VEU-4 is equipped with two energy-independent protective systems:
   • one - the centrifugal regulator of the angular velocity;
   • second - mechanical brake.

Is provided the possibility of the installation of the electronic system of the protection at will of customer.

The wind turbine implemented the principle of expanding the operating range of wind speeds. The fact is that generators, utilized in VEU of this power, as a rule, are synchronous, with the excitation from the permanent magnets. They are characterized by a linear dependence of stress on speed.

In the most probable speed range of wind and with lower wind speed, Ukrainian wind-driven turbine VEU-4 produces annually more energy than, for example, wind turbines made in China. Thus far another installation awaits wind, our leaves to the rating.

A part of the electric power, generated by wind turbine, can be used for the heating and the hot water supply of building.

Settlement (nominal) power: 4 kW

Rated voltage: ~ 220/380

weight: 910 kg

Rotor diameter: 7 meters

Number of blades: 3 pc.

Nominal wind speed: 7,5 m/s

Operating wind speed: 3...40 m/s

Installation price (excluding the inverter, controller and batteries): € 5580.