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Wind generator VEU-20М (20 kW)

Wind generator VEU-20М (20 kW), photovoltaic modules, solar collectors, stabilizers, UPS

The diameter of the blades set (12,5 m) and the application management system installation angle of the blades (pitch-control) allows you to receive the guaranteed maximum quantity of electricity for small and medium winds. VEU-20M is used as a source of electricity in stand-alone and backup power systems, industrial and residential buildings. The system allows to give the energy generated in a common grid (preferred mode).

Settlement (nominal) power: 20 kW

Rated voltage: 380/220V

Output voltage frequency: 30 Hz

Speed generator: 100 rpm (no multiplier)

Weight generator: no more than 800 kg

Number of blades: 3 pc.

Start wind speed: 3 m/s

Nominal wind speed: 9 m/s

Maximum wind speed: 25 m/s

Maximum allowable wind speed (wind speed, which persists after exposure to the performance installation): 50 m/s

Orientation to the wind: active, using the drive

Brakes: aerodynamic, triggered in normal and emergency modes

Typical support:
       -  height 20 m
       -  weight not exceeding 3500 kg

Noise level directly under the installation: no more than 60 dB

Operating temperature range: from - 40 to + 60ºC

In the base version the installation is completed by the system of the conversion of the electric power, providing autonomous power consumer 5kW for 4 hours in the absence of wind.


Wind generator comprising:
   • wind wheel;
   • electric generator;
   • the drive of the control system of the frequency of the rotation of wind wheel;
   • the drive of the orientation system of wind turbine;
   • the system of automatic control of the wind generator;
   • the system of the conversion of electric power;
   • support for the installation of the wind generator.


Wind wheel:
        construction - three-bladed, with the variable incidence of blades, consists of blades and bushing;
        diameter - 12,5 m;
        ометаемая surface - 113 m2;
        the frequency of output voltage - 30 Hz;
         the frequency of rotation - 100 r/min.

With the production of blades highly effective aerodynamic profiles are used; bushing is prepared from steel, has flange joint with the electric generator.

Electric generator:
        type - three-phase synchronous on the permanent magnets (PMG);
        nominal power - 20 kW;
        tension - when you switch the "triangle" - 220V, "star" - 380V;
        line voltage - when you switch the "triangle" - 127V, "star" - 220V;
        the material of blades - composition (glass-fiber-reinforced plastic).

Automatic control system of wind generator, the assembly:
       -  the system of the maintenance of the frequency of the rotation of wind wheel;
       -  orientation system downwind;
       -  the system of start and stop.

The electric motors, controlled by the programmed controller, are used as the drives. For the work of controller come the signals from the sensors, which measure the frequency of the rotation of wind wheel, the position of blades, orientation downwind, wind speed. The system of start and stop ensures regular and emergency starts and stops, it is supplied with autonomous electric power supply.

System of the conversion of the electric power:
        converter (conversion input AC in DC);
        inverter (conversion DC in AC, in accordance with the normative requirements);
        storage batteries (voltage - 12V, capacity - 120 A∙hour, count - 16 pcs.)
        the power of converter - 20 kW;
        the power of inverter (in the base assembly) - 5 kW;
        output voltage - 220V (“clean” sinusoid);
        the frequency of output voltage - 50 Hz.


As the standard support for positioning the wind instruments is used metallic, truss tower by height of 20 m, equipped with stairs for the lift and hinged run board of installation.

Support can be established in any region of the Ukraine. It is capable of maintaining seismic loads to 7 balls.


The monolithic foundation, which consists of four parts, mounted under each supporting foot of tower, adapts for the standard soils. Fastening tower to the foundation is accomplished with the aid of the anchor connection. Tentative quantity of concrete - 10 m³.

The cost of foundation is checked depending on the place of installation.

Wind generator VEU-20М (20 kW)