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Wind generator FLAMINGO AERO 1,6-4,4

Wind generator FLAMINGO AERO 1,6-4,4, photovoltaic modules, solar collectors, stabilizers, UPS

This wind turbine is designed for the autonomous power supply of consumers without access to the networks of centralized power in areas with low wind potential:
   • out-of-town houses;
   • cottages;
   • farms;
   • autonomous complexes.

Power rating: 1,6 kW

Diameter wind turbines: 4,4 m

Number of blades: 3 pc.

Start wind speed: 2,5 m/s

Estimated wind speed: 7,5 m/s

Maximum operational wind speed: 50 m/s

Orientation to the wind: with the keel

Method stop: feathering

Speed control: aeromehanicheskoe

Location on the mast: the windward

Generator type: multi with excitation from permanent magnets, 3-phase

Material of blades: GRP

Energy generation (average per month): 400 kWh

Recommended mast height: 17 - 21 m