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Wind generator FLAMINGO AERO 0,8-3,1

Wind generator FLAMINGO AERO 0,8-3,1

The FLAMINGO AERO 0,8-3,1 windmill is intended for providing small objects with electric power. Energy supplying complexes with output of 1 - 3kW power and 120 - 250kWh energy per month are created on its base.

The wind generator is used both in places where is no electricity network (tourist camps, farms, remote unmanned complexes, etc.) and as reserve energy source of houses, cottages or other objects.

Rotation speed of FLAMINGO AERO 0,8-3,1 turbine is regulated by adaptive aeromechanical pitch regulation system, wich allows windmill to operate in wide wind speed range conditions.

Low-speed generator with permanent magnets is directly driven with wind turbine. There are no gears, brushes or electric energizing in its construction. High windmill lifetime is ensured thus.

The FLAMINGO AERO 0,8-3,1 can be supplied with generator of 24V or 48V rated voltage. This allows to use windmill together with various inertors and battaries.

monthly energy output DEPENDENCE
dependence on the avarage wind speed

Turbine diameter: 3.1 m.

Monthly output: 120 - 250 kWh.

Cut-in wind speed: 2.5 m/s.

Survival wind speed: 50 m/s.

Rated rotation speed: 310 rpm.

Rotation speed stabilizing: by pitch.

Generator voltage: 24V, 48 V.

Rated generator power at 8 m/s: 800 W.

Tower height: 11 - 17 m.

power output dependence on the wind speed