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On-grid Wind Turbine USW 56-100

On-grid Wind Turbine USW 56-100, photovoltaic modules, solar collectors, stabilizers, UPS

Since 1992, Ukraine has mastered the production of licensed wind turbine model USW 56-100 based on the latest technologies at the enterprises of military-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Today Ukrainian enterprises produced 10 wind turbines in a month. On-grid wind turbines USW 56-100 are certified by State Standard of Ukraine.

At present the territory of Ukraine is set 500 turbines with a total installed capacity of about 50 MW.

The main parameters of wind turbine USW 56-100

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   • Development of wind power project begins with the work on assessing wind potential in the proposed construction sites, the design of the placement of wind turbines, depending on the characteristics of sites, etc.
   • Wind power plant connected to the power grid, with the possibility of return of electricity to the network.