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«Fly-Tech» Ltd.
WINDMILL & SOLAR PANELS ABOUT YOUR HOUSE - Symbol of Your energy independence

UPS, inverter, battery, wind turbines (windmills), solar collectors, stabilizers

UPS - uninterruptible power supply provides you with electricity in case of outage voltage. To view the principle of its work you can HERE.

Inverter of the voltage (the main component UPS) - the converter of constant accumulator voltage into variable 220 V/50 Hz.

Batteries (details see HERE) - the storage of electricity. Capacity of the battery defines the duration of the UPS in the absence of electricity in the network.

Our experts produce a calculation, completing and assembling UPS on your request through the page FEEDBACK .

UPS, completed with a windmill and solar panels, forms a wind, solar or hybrid wind-solar power system. MORE DETAILS.