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Heat pump A&K (made in Ukraine) for heating and hot water

Heat pumps A&K, the heat pump A&K

Heat pump absorbs the heat from the low-potential land, air or water with a temperature of 4-6 °C and above, and transmits it to the heat supply system of consumers in a heated water or air. Heat pump - this is, in essence, "a refrigerator in reverse".

Today the market of heat pumps, presented in Ukraine, is 85% of foreign-made pumps. The high price heat pump didn`t allow to speak on the possibility of mass deployment of these systems, and a huge need for heat pump. There is a wide range of customers (private homes, cottages, kindergartens, schools, shopping centers, factories, utilities, etc.).

Heat pump A&K - made in Ukraine from components of the leading manufacturers in the world. The main task, which was formulated and implemented to create heat pump A&K - reduce the cost of equipment to the conservation of European quality parameters (physical, economic and ergonomic features).

The heart of the heat pump is a refrigeration compressor «COPELAND». Plate heat exchangers Swedish company «SWEP», circulating pumps WILO, the start shielding equipment Schneider Electric , refrigeration components DANFOSS, three-way Valves ESBE.

Heat pumps A&K
• At 40% cheaper than foreign analogues;
• Assembled in Ukraine from components of the leading manufacturers in the world with conservation of European quality standards;



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   1. Specialized controller running in Russian (makes configuring and using the heat pump).
   2. Built-in protection from the disappearance of the heat pump, bias or changes phase sequence.
   3. The heat pump has a fully automatic system control and comes to the set parameters of its own after outage of electricity.
   4. File management program allows the heating system the desired temperature at the right time (no need to buffer capacity).
   5. Equipped with remote sensor temperature: indoor, outdoor, boiler.
   6. Supervises sanitation of water in the boiler.
   7. Built-in circulation pumps internal and external circuit.
   8. Circulation pumps and cooling compressor is protected by thermal protection and protection of the RTS. There is also protection for the high and low pressure in the refrigeration compressor, temperature and feeding obratki an external circuit and the heating system.
   9. When optional equipment heat pump operates in a mode conditioning.
   10. Manage other heat sources included in the heating system.
   11. Work of heat pump according to the timeline.
   12. Low level of noise.

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