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Solar energy (integrated solutions)

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Designed for hot water, heating water in pools, as well as to support heating systems.
 • Reducing the costs of hot water for household and household use - 70%.
 • Connection to the existing systems of hot water supply and heating is possible.
 • Prolonged period of service, reliability.
 • Ecologically clean energy.

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Basic element of heliosystem is the solar collector, which converts solar energy into the thermal. The nonfreezing heat-transfer agent circulating in the system gives off heat, which is located in the boiler. One or two coils are provided for this in the construction of boiler. Among the wide scale solar collectors, we propose from the cheapest flat collectors for the seasonal use solar energy, to the first-class flat collectors with the highly selective coating Sunselect. For using the solar energy, first of all in winter, serve the collectors with the vacuum tubes. We propose fastenings both for inclined and flat roof. For some types of collectors we propose also fastening systems to the facade, for the incorporation in the construction of roof or special solar marquises. We supply complete heliosystems or their separate components.

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An electroten for preheating the water to the necessary temperature automatically is included in the cold season with the insufficient insolation.

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